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Frequently asked questions.

Do you have a minimum charge?

No. Unlike many companies we do not have a minimum charge, but we are paid from the time we leave our depot until we return.

Example:     If we leave for a job at 8.00am get to the job at 9.30 am, work until 11.00 am  (1.5 hrs),

                      then we return home at 12.30 pm total of 4.5 hrs rather than a minimum of 6 hrs.

How do I work out how much material will be removed (excavation)

Multiply the length by the width by the depth, get a result in say cubic meters and then multiply by 1.5 to allow for the soil having been loosened. (Depending on excavated material)

Example: An area measures   8 meters(length)  X 6 meters (width)  X 0.5 meters (average depth) and this equals 24 cubic meters, then multiply by 1.5 will give you 36 cubic meters of material to dispose of. Therefore , four truck loads to be removed.

How do I work out how much crushed rock is needed for my drive?

Measure the length and the width, and how thick you want the material. Multiply together for total.

Example: Driveway 15 meters long, 3 meters wide and you want  75 mm cover (3 inches).

           So:  15 X 3 X 0.075  =  3.375 cubic meters, so order 3.5 meters of material.

How much does it cost to dispose of rubbish/waste material?

Waste disposal is very expensive. Always try to keep waste in separate piles. Clean fill varies from about $44.00 to $99.00 a truck load, depending on which tip site is accessible. Concrete and asphalt also varies in price depending on the location, but can cost up to $250-$300 a truck load. General rubbish (mixture of clay,bricks, concrete, wood and general building waste), will cost $146.00 PER CUBIC METER and the truck carries 10 cubic meters. ($1460.00)

Would a “bin” be a better option for rubbish removal?

Prices on bins also vary depending on the company and size of the bin required. You will have to do your homework and make enquiries, but make sure you explain exactly what type of waste material you have. Also keep in mind that you may need a bobcat  to load the material anyway, so it’s probably more cost effective to pay for a combination of equipment (see prices page).

What access is required for the machines?

The truck requires at least 3 meters in width and 3.2 meters in height and obviously a reasonable gradient  with provisions for manoeuvring. Machine access requirements are explained on the equipment page.

Can you provide materials?

Yes we can provide many materials including crushed rock, Lilydale toppings, mulch, rocks and others upon request. Payment for materials is required prior to ordering or delivery.

What are our terms of payment?

Payment is definitely required at the completion of the work, this includes any extra work requested over and above work quoted either verbally or in writing. For larger jobs, work will be invoiced at the end of each week for immediate payment.

As above, materials will need to be paid for prior to delivery.

I need asphalt work completed, what do I do?

We work for ASSETT ASPHALTING and we prepare all their work. Advice regarding type of asphalt, thickness of the asphalt, site preparation, drainage and of course price is available by calling:

                                       Luke Daly -  0412 939 516 Managing Director Assett Asphalt.

Assett has extensive experience in many areas including carparks, driveways, basketball courts    

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